Carol McFadden Mood Ring Article

mood rings!

mood rings! (Photo credit: rubygirl jewelry)

Carol McFadden Mood Ring Article – It became popular in 1970, the mood ring is still there today. Although not as popular as it is a liquid found in rock can be said that the mood of the person wearing it in Invented by a man named Joshua Reynolds, who uses the substance in the tropical heat of the temperature of the human body to change the color that reflects the emotions of man.

Although Reynolds was the first to spread the ring, technically, it was discovered a man named Marvin Wernick in 1975. Wernick has seen a doctor with a temperature measurement tropical heat of the child. He created the idea of these parameters oval in shape and set the gold or silver either. This is due to the Reynolds that they have become so popular and why it is often credited as its creator.

Question when it comes to mood rings, if it really works. Never mind the mood ring color varies, but it can really show your mood? It is assumed that each color means something. For example, the blue serene, green is the average stretched yellow, brown and sinewy, blue-violet happy.

Consider when the body temperature of a person to come. This can happen things like passion, or of the individual to be happy. When a person is stressed, their blood will be physically the flow in the opposite direction, away from your skin and body. This makes their skin is colder than usual. This means that the ring on his finger, which reflect the emotions. Since the body temperature varies with the mood, so technically, the ring works. Changes color to reflect certain emotions.
This ornament is marked on the finger. Usually this is an artificial stone made from glass or quartz, which is then filled with the actual shape of chromic liquid crystal temperature. The average temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit human skin. The mood ring appears to be neutral in this particular temperature. When the ring is black, it means that the ring does not work or accurate.

Different people have different body temperature, so it’s hard to say if the ring appears the mood right for everyone. When a woman experiences her menstrual cycle, body temperature will be warmer. When the infection is now to defend itself, the temperature is increased. They affect the accuracy of the ring, as well as the surrounding air. Mood rings and their reliability depend on the person who wears it and what are the conditions.

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